Secure payments with your Credit card

On you can also pay with your MasterCard and VISA card. This is done through a secure connection, which sends your credit card information encoded. After verification, your order can be processed. Your credit card information will be sent secure and won’t be saved.

Payment costs may charge a fee for credit card payments. The costs will be added to your order after you have chosen to use MasterCard or Visa to complete your order.


Paying in advance means that you transfer the money into the bank account of, after registering your order. This is possible through internet banking or with a transfer slip from your bank. Paying in advance is safe. Pay attention to the fact that the transfer can take a few weekdays. Indicate the order number from your order confirmation when transferring money.

Attention: Always indicate your order number when transferring money!

Account information:
Rabobank: NL16 RABO 0108 6305 52 in the name of Bemo te Melick 

BIC code:
RABONL2U (necessary for foreign payments)

Iban code:
NL16 RABO 0108 6305 52 (necessary for foreign payments)

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